APFBA Annual Conference and Registration

HI All,

Apparently some people are having difficulty opening the link to the Registration form that I sent out earlier. My sincerest apologies for this anomaly and I have attached a Word doc. registration form as an alternative.

Some have tried the original link on home or work computers and have been able to complete the online rego form but if the word doc. is easier please register using that.

With the word doc, you will have to click into “edit” mode, fill in on your computer, save and email back to the addresses below. registration form apfba 2018.doc

Please email to both addresses,

[email protected]


[email protected]

This gives both Warwick and Brian a copy of the registration form as Warwick is in charge of accommodation and Brian is collating the delegates etc.

Please encourage any Fire Force and Rural Brigades in your areas to come along to this years AGM and also bring an observer along from your brigade as it is one way to let more people see what the Association does and may encourage more participation in various areas that may interest them.

The Executive would also like you to look within your brigades and put forward a nomination for the various positions that are available to be filled this year. it is a rewarding experience and the future looks interesting as we take on more in the advocacy and disputes resolution areas as well as helping with the integration of Rural and Urban Brigades.

We would also like you to think about hosting next years APFBA AGM. It is easier when you know whats what and who’s who in your area and by using a motor bay it keeps the costs down for the association.

Look forward to seeing you all in Auckland!


Grahame Howell,



021 253 7227