FENZ National Operations Team Need Your Assistance

FENZ National Operations Team are currently reviewing the Firefighting Operations Guides and have asked the UFBA to review the following chapters:

F5-02 GD FFO Emergency vehicle access
F5-06 GD FFO Automatic Sprinkler Systems
F5-07 GD FFO Stairways in buildings
F5-08 GD FFO Lifts
F5-10 GD FFO Evacuation of high rise buildings
F5-04 GD FFO Fire alarm panels
F5-05 GD FFO Building hydrant systems
F5-09 GD FFO Fire control centres

We ask for your assistance in putting together a team of people to help us with this review.

Individuals need to have some expertise or experience in the technical components of these chapters. For example, the Firefighting Operations in Lifts chapter refers to the New Zealand Building Code.

Please forward names and contact details of interested people to Herena via email: [email protected] no later than Friday 3 August.

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